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Government Suggests Revisions to Indonesia’s Mining Law

The Government Suggested Revision of Mining Law (Pemerintah Segera Ajukan Revisi UU Minerba)
Investor Daily & Bisnis Indonesia (08 Apr 2010)
The government will soon revise a number of articles in Law No. 4/2009 on mineral and coal mining to the legislative.
Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Darwin Saleh said the revisions are required, so that the law [...]

Additional Reviews of UU Minerba No.4 of 2009 (Indonesia’s New Mining Law No.4/2009)

Another Stride Towards Implementation of Indonesia’s Mining Law
From: Herbert Smith in association with Hiswara Bunjamin and Tandjung (18th February 2010)
Law No. 4 of 2009 on Mineral and Coal Mining (the “Minerba Law“) was enacted in January 2009. The Minerba Law requires that implementing regulations be introduced prior to the first anniversary of its enactment in [...]

New Mining Service Business Regulation (UU Minerba No.4/2009)

On September 30 2009, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (the MEMR) in Indonesia issued Regulation No. 28 of 2009 regarding Mining Service Business (PerMen 28/2009).
PerMen 28/2009 implements certain provisions of Law No. 4 of 2009 regarding Mineral and Coal Mining (the New Indonesian Mining Law) related to mining service business activities. To an [...]

TRL receives IUP No.80 of Year 2009

PT. Kqeb’s Krisnian Berkati, the KP holding company received IUP (Ijin Usaha Pertambangan) No.80 of Year 2009 as an automatic upgrade from the Bupati of Mimika. While KKB and TRL received this document today, the IUP is dated the 7th of July 2009. The IUP gives further Exploration Rights upto the year 2013, with possible [...]